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There was a man who used to drink lemonade everyday in a bar in the front of a catholic school. Some students bother him all the time by calling him lemonade. One day, that man went to the principal's office to complaint about that. The principal called all parents for a meeting. After all, they took sanction against the kids. One week later, the kids saw the man drinking lemonade a the bar.
One of them said : sugar
A second one said : water
And a third one said : lemon
After listening the man said : If you mix them up, I will tell the principal again.

Restaurant #1

Peter who doesn't know how to read even a menu went to the restaurant last week. When he asked about what they had to eat, the waiter told him that they have barbecue chicken, vegetables, slice fish etc... Peter said : give me "etc.." because I never ate that before.

Restaurant #2

Jean who is always broke went to the restaurant one day in the morning. After taking his breakfast he told the manager that he didn't have any money in his pocket. The manager said : you used to do that almost everyday and slapped him on the left side of his face. After all, Jean said slap me on the right side to give me a chance for my lunch later.

Learning English

When Jo came in America he went to school to learn English. His first lesson was about the time. After that course he knew the time in English. When we asked him for the time he always said the right answer. For example : six thirty ( 6:30 ), eight ten ( 8:10 ). He went to the store to buy a pair of sneakers. When somebody at the store asked him for his size. He said my size is nine thirty