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A 8 years old boy received a nice watch for his birthday. He focus on the watch only. He read the time almost each two minutes and said : ten after eight ( 8:10 ), eleven thirty ( 11:30 ) etc... When he said twelve O'clock his uncle told him that you can say twelve O'clock or noon. When the boy saw twelve after twelve ( 12:12 ) he said uncle look, look, now the time is noon noon.


A cat running after a mouse and could not catch him. When the cat almost got him, he jump in a big can of alcohol and said if you let me out you could eat me. After getting out the mouse enter through his cage . The cat said that's not serious. The mouse respond by telling the cat I was drunk, that's was alcohol

Two Rats

It was one day Jean and Peter waited for the train at the subway station. Jean said look I see a big rat. Peter said I see another one too. The second rat said : my name is not rat, my name is another one.

Shoes Store

On day the beautiful Annette was at the shoes store in the hope to buy one pair of shoes. She tried more than 20 pairs, none of them fit her. When she was ready to leave she said : thanks God, I don't waste my time, I find one. After all the sale person told her that's your own shoes ; you took it off before you tried the first pair. You came here with it from your house.

One way Street

One day after parking my car on a one way street, I saw Jean walked in the front. Jean forgot something and running back without turning his face. I said what's happened Jean ? Why do you walk like that ? Jean said because of the traffic law, I don't want to get a ticket.